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Y.L.E Beauty luxury fake press on nails is perfect for our dolls on the go and also our dolls on a bougie budget. Our luxury press on nails comes with a uv gel for extra protection. They are Pre-designed nails, comes in stiletto, coffin and ballerina shapes.All packages comes with 1 sheet of glue sticker. However, you can use nail glue of uv gel for better and longer adhere. Can be worn for up to 2 weeks.
1. Clean and buff natural nail gently
2. Apply Nail glue or glue sticker to the plastic tip and/or natural nails.
3. Apply nail tips to the natural nail.
4. Press the tips and hold down for up to 30 seconds
Caution: Do not use if natural nails are inflamed or infected. Keep out of reach of children.